Unexpected Surprises

Today I got a message that someone called to speak with me about my book. I did not recognize the name or number, and sometimes don’t return such calls. This time I decided to call back, and I am so glad I did.

The caller was a former student athlete of Coach Moultrie from the 1970s. He simply wanted to call and thank me for writing the book, and sharing the story of this great man through my own experiences. At the end of the conversation, I learned that he purchased copies of the book for five of his friends, and they are all sharing the books and stories with a group of young people. To close the call he said that he would like to invite me to speak to the combined group of young people as what I shared in the book is so relevant for them today.

A wonderful man who I hope to meet soon along with his wife. He is a Pastor of a local church. I am sure we will be swapping stories about good ole Coach Moultrie. Always a joy to meet up with fellow Howard University Bisons.

In these times, the little things count. We never know what is on the other end of something that comes our way unexpectedly. Flowing with it can also bring rewards we never could have imagined or envisioned. Faith walking. #itseasyson.”